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Clinicians who are dedicated 24/7/365
or 100% money back

We hand-pick talented clinicians who will be a perfect fit
for your locum tenens needs. We go far above and 
 beyond just sending you CVs.

Together, we’ll work wonders for your clinical operations.

Trusted by health systems nationwide

Innovative healthcare technology solutions for stabilizing labor costs

  247 Healthcare FlexWork tools and technology ensure you can
  consistently provide high- 
quality care and an improved patient


• Manual tasks are reduced: Staff has more time in the day,


• Staff engagement increases: Flexibility gives staff choice and
improving quality of care.

• Shifts are filled cost-effectively:
Access to professionals on-demand
the need for travel contracts.

Why 247 Healthcare?

We understand the challenges healthcare organizations
face in hiring, but we’re here to make it easier. With our
dedicated 365/24/7 providers, we ensure patient care
never stops. Because we believe the strength of every
healthcare organization lies in its people.

Staff the right clinician at the right time

In healthcare, selecting the right clinician involves more than just matching qualifications on a resume. It’s about finding someone who aligns with the organization’s values, meets expectations, and adapts to evolving needs. This requires evaluating intangible qualities like empathy and communication skills, ensuring cultural fit, and utilizing data-driven approaches for optimal staffing decisions. By continually assessing and adjusting, healthcare organizations can ensure they have the right clinician at the right time for delivering quality care.

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Read what users are saying about us!

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