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Locum Tenens Information for Facilities

Thank you for considering 247 Healthcare Staffing for your Locum Tenens and permanent placement needs. We are proud to offer qualified Board Certified and Board Eligible Providers across the U.S. whom will meet your staffing criteria. We do all credentialing in-house and provide A-rated medical malpractice insurance with tail coverage.

Nurse Practitioner,
Physician Assistant, and Physician Specialties

At 247 Healthcare Staffing, we specialize in the hard-to- find Provider. While the majority of our Providers are within the specialties below, contact us if you have a
requirement for rare and unique skills.

Emergency Medicine (ABEM/AOBEM & primary care-trained)

Family Practice

Hospitalist & Nocturnist

Internal Medicine

Occupational Medicine



Urgent Care


Pulmonary Critical Care


Why use Locum Tenens Providers?

Revenue Maximization

  • In most instances, Locum Tenens providers more than pay for themselves in terms of professional service revenue.

  • The absence of one provider for one week can cost thousands of dollars of lost revenue.

  • In most cases, a hospital or clinic can bill for the Locum Tenens provider services using the permanent doctors provider numbers.

Risk Management

  • The absence of one provider can cause increased wait-times, cancellations, and patient dissatisfaction.

  • It takes an average of 9 to 12 months to recruit a permanent staff physician; Locum Tenens help bridge the gap.

  • Work with a candidate on a Locum Tenens basis prior to making a permanent hire.

Additional Benefits

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Referring physician satisfaction

  • Existing physician retention

  • Locum Tenens providers can be brought in to demonstrate the RIO of an incremental position prior to the new medical physician joining the ranks permanently.

Also, in most cases, a hospital or clinic can bill for the locum tenens Healthcare Provider services using the permanent doctors provider numbers. This also applies for a period of six months if a temporary Healthcare Provider is taking over for a doctor who has been terminated or left the practice voluntarily. Finally, be aware that special modifier codes can be used when a locum tenens Healthcare Provider begins seeing patients before their Medicare/Medicaid provider number applications have been processed.