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Healthcare, Locum Tenens, & Legal Professionals

Explore rewarding opportunities in healthcare, locum tenens, and legal sectors with 247HEALTHCARE, your gateway to exciting career possibilities.

What Industries We Recruit

Healthcare Staffing

Seamlessly linking healthcare
professionals with job
opportunities and assisting
employers in finding qualified

Locums Staffing

Efficiently matching medical
providers with locum tenens
positions, ensuring seamless
quality coverage for facilities in

Legal Staffing

Connecting skilled legal
professionals with hiring
leaders, ensuring tailored
matches for both candidates
and employers.

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Unlock a world of career possibilities with 247HEALTHCARE Resources. Explore rewarding opportunities in healthcare, locum tenens, and legal sectors, tailored to match your skills and aspirations. Click below to browse our latest job openings and take the first step toward your professional success!

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  • Expert Insight: 247HEALTHCARE Resources recruiters bring deep knowledge in healthcare, locum tenens, and legal fields.
  • Personalized Matches: Our recruiters find opportunities to match your unique skills and career goals.
  • Top Employers: Access our curated network of reputable employers for diverse and rewarding roles.
  • Effortless Placement: Experience a seamless process guided by 247HEALTHCARE Resources recruiters for swift career transitions.
  • Dedicated Support: Receive unwavering support from our recruiters throughout your journey, from application to placement.
  • Your Success: Our recruiters are committed to helping you navigate your career path and achieve your professional aspirations.

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Why 247HEALTHCARE Resources?

Elevate your staffing journey with 247HEALTHCARE Resources. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in healthcare staffing and legal recruitment, ensuring seamless connections between skilled professionals and leading employers. Our personalized approach guarantees tailored matches for both candidates and hiring leaders, fostering long-term success. Whether you’re a job seeker pursuing your next career move or an employer seeking top talent, 247HEALTHCARE Resources is your trusted partner. Experience unmatched excellence with our dedicated team committed to your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Independent Contractors Only

Learn more about the types of professionals 247HEALTHCARE refers to its wide network of clients.


Safrest acts as a referral service (or broker) to connect independent professionals with client opportunities that match their qualifications and interests. Being a 1099 independent contractor means you are self-employed. You will receive a 1099 Form reflecting the compensation you earned for the services you provided for clients referred by SAFREST, if your earnings during the year are at least $600. You should speak with a tax or legal professional for more information about providing services as an independent contractor.

You make all decisions throughout all aspects of the referral process; it is your decision to accept, decline, or end a client engagement offered to you. You are responsible for your own tax deductions and benefits. For detailed information on how to file taxes as an independent contractor, please speak with a qualified tax accountant, tax attorney or the Internal Revenue Service at:

SAFREST does not provide you with any benefits such as healthcare insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid vacation days or paid sick leave.

No. Registering with SAFREST is not a guarantee that any opportunities will be available and/or offered to you.


SAFREST acts as a referral service to connect self-employed independent contractors in the fields of healthcare with client opportunities. You always can accept or reject any offered client opportunity at your discretion.


You are always free to register with multiple agencies at the same time. SAFREST encourages you to do so. If you want to be registered with several different agencies, it is your right to do so and select the opportunities that suit you best.


No. You are never under any obligation to accept a client opportunity referred to you. By registering with Safrest, you are in control of your career and business decisions. You have the freedom to accept or decline any client opportunity presented. However, in order for us to source the best fit for you, please speak with a representative to explain what type of opportunities you are interested in (or not interested in). This includes things like commute times, experience level, population type, facility type, work-life balance issues, ongoing college courses, public transportation, etc. We can factor in your preferences so that you are not bombarded with offers that do not suit your current lifestyle and goals.


You are compensated by the client for which you provide your services. SAFREST has a weekly processing cycle for your invoices and client payments. All billable compensation information received prior to the cutoff will be processed within the week if there are no errors/discrepancies in document submissions. If received after the cutoff, processing will occur the following week.

Any errors or discrepancies may delay the process even if the compensation documents were received prior to the cutoff. Before accepting a referred opportunity, an initial hourly, flat or project rate is established. This can be negotiated and may change from contract to contract.

Yes. Only professionals who are legally eligible to work in the United States without restriction are eligible to be informed about client opportunities by SAFREST. This typically covers U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents (aka “Green Card holders”).

SAFREST will not offer client referrals to any candidate who requires visa sponsorship in order to work or has a non-immigrant visa (e.g. tourist visa, student visa). If you are unsure of your work status, please contact your local Social Security Administration office, or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for clarification.

SAFREST recruiters are working for you. They are working daily to identify and source opportunities that meet your skills and interests.

  • You choose to accept or decline any opportunity, with no penalty for declining.

  • You determine the compensation rate that you will accept for your services.

  • You control the hours you will accept.

  • You determine with the client all aspects of your work relationship.

Note: SAFREST does not make any decisions concerning your work relationship with a referred client. You and/or the client determine all terms and conditions of an engagement, including when the engagement will begin, when it will end, and all aspects of the engagement itself. SAFREST’ role in this regard is to serve as a communications channel.

Your first line of help is to contact the recruiter or coordinator serving you. They are there to help you and provide customer service. If you cannot get satisfactory support from them, you are welcome to reach out to the following emails and phone number for more assistance.

Email: [email protected]
Tel. 267-262-3555

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